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Child Fatalities and Near-Fatalities

What are Child Fatalities and Near-Fatalities? The County is required by state law to review each death or near-death of a child and use the information to improve practice and […]

Developing Predictive Risk Models to Support Child Maltreatment Hotline Screening Decisions

The Allegheny Family Screening Tool (AFST) is a predictive risk model designed to improve decision-making in Allegheny County’s child welfare system. The tool utilizes hundreds of data elements to predict […]

Do Family Support Centers Reduce Maltreatment Investigations? Evidence from Allegheny County

The Center for State Child Welfare Data analyzed Allegheny County data to explore whether the presence of a Family Support Center in a neighborhood is associated with lower child welfare […]

Racial Disproportionality in Allegheny County’s Child Welfare System

A total of 20,190 children were referred to the child welfare system in Allegheny County due to abuse or neglect in 2015. The data in this brief analyzes the number […]

Data Brief: Fathers in Child Welfare Cases

An analysis was conducted on fathers’ involvement in child welfare cases from 2010 through 2012. Biological fathers were identified in 81 percent of cases (as compared to 94 percent of […]

Quality Services Review

PA Department of Public Welfare Click to read the full report.