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Allegheny County DHS Text Messaging Outreach: Interactive Dashboard

DHS sends text messages to county residents to increase awareness of services, provide reminders, and to gather feedback  This dashboard displays information about these efforts. Updated daily.

Using SMS text messaging to inform, engage and communicate with residents

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) engages clients and others who interact with DHS programs in a variety of ways: regular roundtables/cabinets (e.g., Children’s Cabinet); town halls and […]

Older Youth Pandemic Relief

What is this report about ? From June to October of 2021, Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) provided a cash assistance program for transition-aged youth called Older Youth […]

Improving Survey Outreach and Assessing Satisfaction Among DHS Homeless System Clients

Allegheny County homeless service programs are assessed yearly as part of a process of evaluating and prioritizing projects for funding. This evaluation process has historically been based on administrative data […]

Survey of Families Using Homelessness Case Management Program Finds Satisfaction — and Preference for Texting as a Survey Method

The Homeless Services and Supports Coordination (HSSC) program, implemented by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services in 2013, provides comprehensive service coordination for families who use emergency homeless shelters. […]

Ride-Hailing for Medical Transportation Clients Improves Experience and Efficiency

Allegheny County Medicaid recipients are entitled to free transportation assistance to their non-emergency medical appointments. Traditionally, this transportation has been provided by paratransit vehicles for those not able to utilize […]

The Journey into Allegheny County’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment System

People struggling with unhealthy drug or alcohol use sometimes face challenges when it comes to accessing treatment. Research has found that lack of insurance, unfamiliarity with treatment options, a shortage […]

Survey Finds That Most Teens in Foster Care Are Able to Participate in Typical Youth Activities, with Some Challenges for Teens in Group Care

Teens in foster care sometimes face challenges when it comes to getting permission to do things like spending the night at a friend’s house, using the internet, or joining a […]

Pilot Program Uses Technology to Collect Quick, Actionable Feedback from Human Services Clients

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) continuously strives to better understand our clients’ experiences and incorporate that feedback into service planning. We recently tested satisfaction kiosks as a […]

Annual Reports of the Consumer Action Response Team (CART)

The Allegheny County Consumer Action Response Team (CART) gathers feedback from consumers of publicly-funded behavioral health services, which include mental health services and drug and alcohol treatment for adults, children […]

Youth Perspectives on Out-of-Home Placement

From 2012 through 2015, 1,255 youth ages 14 through 17 entered into out-of-home placements in Allegheny County. Out-of-home placement settings include foster care, group homes, residential facilities, living with a […]

Understanding the Foster Parent Training Experience

Eleven Allegheny County foster care provider agencies formed a training cooperative in order to improve the number and quality of training opportunities for foster parents. After increasing the number and […]

Conferencing and Teaming in Allegheny County: Participant Experience Update

Conferencing and Teaming is the Allegheny County Department of Human Services’ practice model designed to engage child welfare participants, and their natural supports, in a process of family strengthening through […]

Homeless Services and Supports Coordination: A Qualitative Program Evaluation

Implemented at the end of 2013 and designed to provide service coordination and supports for families accessing Allegheny County’s four emergency homeless shelters, the Homeless Services and Supports Coordination program […]

Allegheny County YOUth Count 2015

This data brief summarizes the results of the YOUth Count survey, Allegheny County’s first point-in-time count focused specifically on the number and needs of homeless and/or unstably-housed youth ages 18 […]