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Improving Prioritization of Housing Services: Implementation of the Allegheny Housing Assessment (AHA) and the Mental Health Allegheny Housing Assessment (MH-AHA)

Making good, informed decisions about how to allocate limited resources is an ever-evolving process. The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) strives to make the most equitable decisions when […]

Eviction Cases in Allegheny County

Allegheny County wanted to learn more about evictions in the region. A data report details numbers of cases filed, who is winning the cases, and how evictions affect low-income tenants.

Impacts of Housing Displacement on the Residents of Bethesda-Homewood Properties

In October 2017, more than 200 residents of predominantly Black neighborhoods in Pittsburgh’s East End were told that their rental subsidy would end within a month. This report looks at the impact of forced displacement and what types of social supports can help.

A Bumpy but Worthwhile Ride: data-driven efforts to improve housing coordination for people experiencing homelessness

Allegheny County established a coordinated entry system to prioritize the most vulnerable homeless clients to get them into housing as quickly as possible.

ACTION-Housing’s My Place Program: Innovative Housing for Allegheny County’s Vulnerable Youth

Since 2010, ACTION-Housing’s My Place program has provided housing and case management to Allegheny County youth who are either transitioning out of foster care or at-risk for homelessness. In 2013, […]

Moving to Opportunity or Disadvantage? An Analysis of Housing Choice Voucher and Rapid Rehousing Programs in Allegheny County

Two housing programs in Allegheny County, Rapid Rehousing (RRH) and the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV, or Section 8), provide monetary assistance to households so that families can rent from […]

Home Foreclosures in Allegheny County

In this analysis, DHS examined the issue of home foreclosures in Allegheny County. Click to read the full report.