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Calculating Unit Costs: A Resource for Justice System Decision-Making and Policy Analysis

Allegheny County completed a cost analysis of parts of the criminal justice system, including the cost of an arrest, the cost per day of incarceration, and the cost per day of probation supervision.

Women from different walks of life standing together

Women in the Allegheny County Criminal Justice System

This report describes women in the Allegheny County criminal justice system with a goal of better understanding the population by exploring their demographics and human services history. The analysis describes […]

Risk Classification in the Allegheny County Jail

A new and improved security risk classification system was recently implemented in the Allegheny County Jail. Each inmate is assessed through the use of a validated tool and assigned a […]

School-Based Probation in Allegheny County: Examining the Costs and Benefits

Intensive supervision programs like school-based probation are increasingly viewed as a way to generate savings to society, by preventing or reducing the likelihood of crime, as well as to improve […]

The Costs and Benefits of Day Reporting Centers: A New Model of Adult Probation in Allegheny County

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) worked with Adult Probation to conduct a cost–benefit analysis of Day Reporting Centers (DRC) for offenders who have re-entered the community. The […]

Pretrial Decision-Making: How a Model Pretrial Services Program Changed Allegheny County’s Criminal Justice System

The Allegheny County Pretrial Services Department works behind the scenes to provide information and make recommendations to judges who have to make rapid and critical decisions at Motions Court almost […]

Day Reporting Centers: The New Face of Probation in Allegheny County

Community-based Day Reporting Centers have changed the way that offenders on probation are managed in Allegheny County. Centers focus on rehabilitation, offering a one-stop shop of services designed to support […]