Arrest Trends in the City of Pittsburgh

Analysis of arrests over time provides valuable insights about a city and its changing crime trends and law enforcement policies. This series of three reports uses data from the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and the Allegheny County Data Warehouse to look at arrests since 2001 and the people who were involved.

Arrest Trends in the City of Pittsburgh provides an overview of arrests and people who were arrested in 2001 through 2015, including rates over time, crime types, demographics of people arrested and neighborhood trends.

People Arrested More Than Once in the City of Pittsburgh takes a closer look at the people who were arrested multiple times. This analysis describes the demographics of repeat arrestees, the types of crimes for which they were commonly arrested, neighborhoods where repeat arrests occurred, and human services and criminal justice system involvement of repeat arrestees.

Human Services Involvement of People Arrested in Pittsburgh describes involvement with other systems of people who were arrested. Analysis of people’s involvement with human services and the criminal justice system before, during and after arrest offers insight into the needs and service experiences of this population.